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Sayonara, John Boccieri (Updated: Charlie Wilson too)

Democrat John Boccieri (OH-16) just announced he’ll be voting “yes” on Obamacare. In response I just contributed $25.00 to Republican challenger Jim Renacci.
Jim Renacci for Congress
Please do the same and contribute what you can, and let’s replace this craven licker of Nancy Pelosi’s boots.
11:25 AM Update: The rumblings were real. Democrat Charlie Wilson, (OH-06) just caved and will vote “yes” on Obamacare.
Repeal It!
Ohio candidates and voters have signed the pledge to repeal Obamacare, but so far no elected officials have signed it. Encourage them to do so!
12:05 PM Update: More from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.
4:30 PM Update: Tom Blumer has a nice collection of links and a revealing video clip, plus a suggestion to “go local” if Boccieri’s DC phone is busy.