HBO’s miniseries “The Pacific” starts Sunday

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this miniseries since I saw the first trailer, despite my recent misgivings thanks to Tom Hanks’ asshattery. Here’s a little history that sets the stage for the first episode.

In partnership with HBO, The U.S. Naval Institute has collected a great wealth of historical information on the the Pacific Theater of World War II. For further reading, try any (or all) of these books:

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Either watch this playlist of HBO’s videos related to “The Pacific” …

… or watch the two short trailers below.

  1. I think you’re reading a little too much into the comments attributed to Tom Hanks. In this case, his actions of the past should give him a little leeway in the way a quote or two can be taken out of context to make him look like a “lefty wingnut.” Especially since, when you read the article, quotes attributed to him by the bloggers are actually, for the most part, the opinion of the author. As far as his “They were out to kill us because we were different…” quote is concerned, I don’t actually think it’s that far off the mark. They viewed us as inferior, subject to domination or slavery if not outright genocide. We understandably, after they attacked us, wanted to annhilate the “godless yellow gooks” (something I heard said more than once by relatives who served in the pacific over 40+ years after combat ended). How is Al-Qaeda different? They are out to kill us because we are different from their twisted view of what the world is supposed to be. Tom Hanks has always put a very real, positive view of the military and american actions, while keeping it realistic, in films. I don’t think this is going to be any different. Remember in Band of Brothers when German prisoners who were surrendering were summarily executed because the GIs were pissed? That doesn’t make Band of Brothers an anti-american mini-series, just a realistic one. When Hanks says “Certainly, we wanted to honor U.S. bravery in The Pacific, but we also wanted to have people say, ‘We didn’t know our troops did that to Japanese people'” he is just pointing out the facts of war. Considering the source material, I would be disappointed if it didn’t show some of the marines taking out their anger on the Japanese, just like I would be disappointed if it doesn’t show the Japanese being fanatical in their desire to fight to the death and kill as many americans as possible. If it wasn’t there, then it wouldn’t be realistic. I expect that “The Pacific” will be one of the best stories about the campaign ever created.

  2. Time Warner Cable sucks

    Here I sit, trying to watch the premiere of “The Pacific” on HBO, and the signal from Time Warner Cable is hitching, pausing, and pixelated. I signed up for HBO on Thursday just for this….

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