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Charlie Rangel’s influence extends to OH-13

Charlie Rangel asleep on a beachSo, it seems Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) will step down fight the rush to remove him from his chairmanship of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. His fellow progressives have decided to leave Corruptocrat Charlie twisting in the wind. That’s no surprise.
What does surprise me is the mild reaction from Rep. Betty Sutton (D-OH), my Congresswoman. Maybe that’s because Rangel gave Sutton $5000 in 2006. Heck, if it weren’t for the sudden danger to her cushy job from Republican Tom Ganley, she likely wouldn’t have gotten out in front of Rangel’s immolation at all.
I’m sure she’s grateful, Charlie, but you’re just too toxic these days.
3/3 12:45 AM Update: Spin, Betty, spin.

Quite a lot of blinking in that segment. I guess it was seven grand Rangel gave her, which Sabrina Eaton reports is to be donated to local charities.