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Ohio Porkulus data by district (both real and phantom)

The hard-working folks over at, ever on guard for that rare instance of government inefficiency that occurs only once in a decade or so, have responded with commendable speed to news reports of erroneous/incompetent/fraudulent data in the records of stimulus money spent to save (or “create” jobs). No longer does their database report on taxpayer funds wasted invested in places like the nonexistent 99th U.S. Congressional District of Puerto Rico. No, sir. Everything’s been scrubbed squeaky clean, and the original records now show each offending transaction taking place in an “unassigned congressional district.”
see no evilWhat’s that you say? You want to know what the original data showed? Oh, c’mon. You can trust faceless, nameless bureaucrats in Washington to behave with the most scrupulous ethical standards. They’re from the government, and they’re here to help you.
Pardon me? You still don’t trust them? You must be one of those bitter people clinging to their Bibles and their guns out in the sticks. Besides, it’s too late now. The original data’s gone. Unless you know someone who scooped up some of the data before it was altered erased corrected, you’re out of luck.
Hey, wait a second. Guess who snagged the original data for Ohio, put it in Excel spreadsheet format, and sorted it all by district?

Damned bloggers.