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Bush never went to Dover [Updated]

Barack Obama went to Dover AFB to meet the caskets of fallen troops returning from Afghanistan.
Obama at Dover AFB
Ah, such a refreshing difference! Golly, it’s so wonderful to have Professor Hopenchange in charge now. As we all know, a single photo op on the tarmac far outweighs whatever the heck George W. Bush was doing for eight years. Let’s see, what exactly did he do? Oh, now I remember:

President Bush has met hundreds of families of fallen soldiers, but he has yet to attend a servicemember’s funeral, he said Tuesday.
“Because which funeral do you go to? In my judgment, I think if I go to one I should go to all. How do you honor one person but not another?” he said.
The appropriate way to express his appreciation to the family members of fallen troops is to meet with them in private, he said.

What a jerk Bush was. The nerve of that guy, meeting with the bereaved in private instead of using them to score political points!
Meanwhile, our living troops in Afghanistan wait for the reinforcements they need. I’m sure Obama will get around to making a decision one of these months. Probably.

10/30 Update: Yep … plastic banana look-how-much-I-care photo op.