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When you think “ACORN”, think “Obamacare”

ObamacornACORN shares office space and personnel with the Service Employees International Union. SEIU and other unions in the Big Labor alliance funnel millions of dollars to ACORN. ACORN and Big Labor lobby for the same legislation, endorse the same partisan political candidates, and work together in every other conceivable way. Members of ACORN and Big Labor pass in and out of the revolving door of the Democratic Party and the federal government. Sure, the fancy paperwork sitting on file in dusty government offices says that these organizations and people are officially separate entities, but that’s like trying to hide a 500-lb nudist under a cocktail napkin.
Progressive politicians (*cough* *cough* Betty Sutton), Big Labor and ACORN are one and the same.
When you see the news reports about the disgusting things that ACORN does, remember that those same people work for gigantic labor unions, work on the staffs of liberal Congress members, and infest the Obama administration from top to bottom. Their reckless spending outstrips any in American history, and they intend to double down. Their tax hikes hurt small businesses, who employ the vast majority of Americans. Their ridiculous regulations and economically illiterate mandates caused the housing and credit crisis, which triggered last fall’s economic crash. Their policies have driven unemployment to record highs, and will needlessly prolong the economic pain you’re feeling.
Obama is ACORN is SEIU is Project Vote is Citizens Service Inc is SorosWhen Barack Obama ran for President, he portrayed himself as a reasonable and moderate Democrat with help from the mainstream media. He is not what he claimed to be. He has always been joined at the hip to his former employer ACORN, Big Labor, and the most extreme elements of the radical left-wing fringe. He believes in their cause, wants what they want, and lies about it non-stop. He doesn’t care about “the little guy”, nor does he have your best interests at heart.
What he and his fellow smiling and soft-spoken radicals want is more power, and they’ll take your property and your liberty to get it … if you let them. The warnings were there before the election, and the warnings were right. There’s still time to stop the slide toward utter ruin.
Don’t just sit there hoping for change. Look at what that got us.
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When you think “ACORN”, think “Barack Obama.”
When you think “Barack Obama”, think “Obamacare.”