Reminder: Project Vote = Citizens Services, Inc. = ACORN

Obama is ACORN is SEIU is Project Vote is Citizens Service Inc is SorosDo you remember Project Vote’s efforts on behalf of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign? Do you remember the $832,598.29 “oopsie” of a payment from Obama’s campaign to ACORN affiliate Citizens Services, Inc.? Did you know that although Barack Obama lies about having worked for ACORN, he admits that he used to run Project Vote? Did you know that Karyn Gillette was the Development Director of Project Vote during Obama’s presidential campaign, and that she was involved in those shady deals that helped Obama win? Want more proof? Here’s all the documentation you could ever want.
Keep all of this in mind as more ACORN scandals hit the news this week.

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  1. Don’t forget Progress Ohio and America Votes Ohio !!
    This link to Progress Ohio’s blog story created by Lorraine Bieber is a photo of ACORN organizer Barbara Clark during an ACORN partnership project promoted by Dave Harding and Brian Rothenberg’s Progress Ohio, a so called non-partisan non-profit organization.

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