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Rep. Betty Sutton still MIA

The House of Representatives adjourned on July 31st. It’s now day 12 of their 35-day summer recess, and my Representative has still not released any details of her schedule. Betty Sutton’s staff assures me that there will be two public events at some point, somewhere. They assure me that I’ll receive a schedule as soon as it’s finalized.
Any day now. Yep. That’s the ticket.

1:15 PM update: Hmmm … what’s this?
5:25 PM update: Curiouser and curiouser. Betty, why don’t you publish your schedule on your web site, instead of scattering it in places like this?
11:00 PM update: A telephone town hall meeting is not a town hall meeting.

Sutton’s office said she discusses health care with constituents in many forums. Her schedule is not published in advance because it’s in constant flux. She’ll hold a telephone town hall meeting with constituents next week and will discuss health-care legislation in an upcoming Ohio News Network appearance. Her Washington office number is 202-225-3401.