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I’m not the only one chasing Betty Sutton

Courtesy of the Chronicle-Telegram:

An Elyria woman said a member of Congresswoman Betty Sutton’s staff asked her to leave a public meeting held Tuesday in Lorain because the woman wanted to know if she could ask the congresswoman questions during the talk.
Nichole Reynolds, Sutton’s chief of staff, said the staff member who spoke to the woman denied telling her that the meeting was private, as the woman alleges, and also denies telling her she had to go.
Jane Grimm, 58, said she had wanted to speak with her congresswoman about health care reform and called her Washington, D.C., office last week to see when Sutton would be coming to town.

She and her husband walked into the clinic and wanted to confirm with staff people in the front whether this was a meeting where questions could be asked. Grimm said a man wearing a name tag identifying him as a Sutton staff member approached them. This is where the stories differ.
“He said, ‘I was told I’d see you here,’ and ‘I understand you wanted this to be a town-hall meeting,’ and I told him that I wanted to ask a few questions,” Grimm said.
She said the staffer told her it was not that kind of meeting.
“I said, ‘All right, well, I’d still like to sit and listen to what the congresswoman has to say,'” Grimm said. “Then he said, ‘No, I’m not going to allow you in because this is a private event.’ “

That’s our Brave Betty!