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Betty Sutton, the invisible woman

Betty Sutton on a milk cartonShe must be a secret agent. Rep. Betty Sutton (D-OH) does a better job of staying covert than any Representative we’ve ever had here in Ohio’s 13th District. She’s never published her schedule for this summer recess, so her constituents are forced to unearth her plans in other ways.
I’ve repeatedly e-mailed and called her staff to ask where and when she’ll be appearing. For the first two weeks or so, they assured me that she’d publish her schedule at the beginning of the recess. After her last day in session on Friday July 31st, the staff began telling me they’d release a schedule “soon.”
Over the last week or so (when they deign to answer my inquiries at all), they’ve offered the excuse that her schedule is so fluid that nothing can be published. When I pointed out that her constituents will have a hard time finding out where she’ll be, her chief of staff insisted that everything is published in the newspapers ahead of time.
Riiiiight. Lots of public meeting notices there, alright.
Betty’s afraid of her constituents. She knows they don’t want Obamacare, Cap-and-Tax, stimulus spending, bailouts, and all the other statist garbage she’s been pushing. She’s hoping that being a “Milk Carton Politician” she can run out the clock and get back to Washington unscathed.
Betty’s got 22 days of hiding to go until the House of Representatives is back in session. Will her constituents let her impose socialism on Ohio’s hard working families and takje away their rights to run their own lives?
Betty Sutton’s contact info:
Summit County Office
39 E Market Street
LL #1
Akron, OH 44308
Phone: (330) 865-8450
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Lorain County Office
205 West 20th Street
Room M230
Lorain, OH 44052
Phone: (440) 245-5350
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Toll-Free: (866) 317-9980
Nichole Reynolds (Chief of Staff):