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Addressing the GOP’s media woes

The Other McCain has several good points:

The people who control access to Republican leaders go out of their way to prevent their bosses from ever having direct contact with any rank-and-file conservative who wants to help. It’s a tragically familiar story.

A key reason the [George] Allen campaign couldn’t fix the “macaca” problem was because they had no friends in the MSM — and this by design, rather than accident. Republican campaign operatives routinely and habitually treat reporters as the enemy. Somewhere, I believe, there must be a boot camp where GOP staffers are trained in an attitude of hostility and suspicion toward the press.

Republican leaders habitually blame media bias for all their woes, but rank-and-file Republicans need to start asking to what extent this media bias is fomented and exacerbated by the cluelessness of GOP leadership and the insulting arrogance of GOP political operatives.

So, whose fault was it that the MSM portrayed Sarah Palin as a ditzy bimbo? You can blame the press all you want, but at some point — if the Republican Party wishes to present itself as representing the principles of accountability and personal responsibility — the role of GOP campaign staffers in mishandling the media needs to be examined.

Read the rest. It’s quite thought-provoking.