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Relic of 1960s commie chic supports Obamacare

Greg Coleridge (apparently a useful idiot holdover) has a question for Dear Leader:

Greg ColeridgeSince President Barack Obama will be at Shaker Heights High School on Thursday, taking questions on health care, I’ve got one for him:
Who should have the final say on the type of health care patients receive under any reformed system?
A. Patients and their doctors
B. Insurance corporations
If A is his answer, his solution should be one that shuts out insurance corporations that make billions of dollars by denying coverage to millions of Americans.

Way to commit the false dilemma fallacy combined with the straw man fallacy, Greg! Mind-numbed Obamabots will lap this stuff right up.
Coleridge is the director of something called the “Economic Justice & Empowerment Program” of the Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee, a group that has yet to find an anti-American cause it doesn’t like.
I wonder if the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots will run into this tool tomorrow at their protest?