In defense of the frail elderly

A real thought-provoker:

The frail elderly and their families deserve love, support and care from a compassionate society. If we allow willy-nilly healthcare reform, the frail elderly will undoubtedly be targeted, with such rationalizations as “Why devote resources (the liberal euphemism for money) to a hopeless cause such as this?” A physician at our local Tea Party stated one platform of healthcare reform is to withhold vital treatment in the last 6 months of the patient’s life.
Do we really want our government deciding when our last 6 months have arrived? They have not done such a good job predicting unemployment or economic recovery: why should we assume they’d be any better at predicting when we are in the last six months of our life?

Obamacare will decide when you’ve lived past your usefulness. Don’t like that prospect? Do something about it.