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You don’t mind if we tax your health benefits, do you?

Remember this ad from October 29th, 2008?

Gosh, Candidate Obama sure did make a big fuss about the evil idea of taxing your private health care benefits, didn’t he?
Of course, now he’s the President. Things have changed. He has a lot of big, expensive programs to fund, including a complete government takeover of your health care. He has to keep his options open … especially the so-called public “option”, which won’t fund itself. That gigantic price tag is something he has to deal with, you know. He’s going to “let the process work its way through”:

You wouldn’t be so gauche as to hold it against him if he taxes your private health care benefits to fund Obamacare, would you? C’mon, what’s a broken promise and some more crushing taxation between friends?
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