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Video: Dick Cheney’s speech at AEI (Update: Obama speech added)

This is a speech delivered today at the American Enterprise Institute in which former Vice President Cheney defended the Bush Administration’s actions and policies during the War on Terror in the years after 9/11. Cheney carefully and completely refuted allegations of torturing terrorist detainees, and he eviscerated Barack Obama’s foolish defense policies, naïve defense decisions, and nakedly opportunistic demonization of the outgoing President.

If you prefer, you can watch the whole thing on AEI’s site.
Once the White House posts the video of Obama’s speech on the same subjects today, I’ll add it below so you can compare and contrast each man’s honesty, seriousness, motivations, wisdom, and statesmanship … or lack thereof.
Transcripts: Cheney’s speech; Obama’s speech

Here ya go …