Needed: good, brief tutorial on Miva Merchant

I haven’t succeeded in figuring the darn thing out just by popping the hood and poking around. My most urgent task is to understand how to edit HTML on a site that runs entirely on Miva Merchant 4. And I do mean the whole site, not just the online store.

  1. Most Miva Merchant sites are 100% in Miva Merchant, not just the store, so edits to the global header, footer and category tree are site-wide, saving a ton of work. It’s true, though, that it can be tricky figuring it out. Once you “get” Miva Merchant, though, you’ll find it a fantastic tool.
    There are a lot of free Miva Merchant version 5 tutorials here:
    Most of the basic ideas are the same as MM4. I also have a couple of cheat sheets at:
    Right now I only have 4 MM4 tutorials up in the Advanced Tutorials area. I’m working on more. This one might help you the most:
    For more info about my tutorials, go to
    I hope that helps.

  2. Unfortunately Miva Merchant 4 is pretty old. has great videos but I think they’re all for Miva Merchant 5. You might look into getting the book from – make sure you get the one for Miva Merchant 4, not for 5.
    You can also try the forums –
    There are LOTS of places you might find HTML for editing. Would help to know if you are using OpenUI. Do you know?

  3. Check out they have detailed tutorials on both Miva Merchant 4 and 5, many are free.

  4. I also recommend you consider upgrading to MM5.5, that will give you more flexibility and very user friendly. We also provide upgrade ideas to go to MM5.5 and can help edit your complete website and not just the Miva part. See this page for more info

  5. Did my comment not make it with the links to tutorials?

  6. Yes and checkout the Merchant Tutorials, they are very helpful and the basic tutorials are free!!

  7. The spam filter flagged it. It’s fixed now. Your comments are now “trusted” by the system.

  8. Yeah, it uses OpenUI.
    MM: v4.23 / MVM: v5.06
    OpenUI: [4.958/4.984]

  9. Most of your html is probably in headers and footers, which you can get to by clicking your store name on the left side of admin, and then on the right side, clicking among the various links across the top (“tabs”) that reference headers and footers.
    The site may also have some templating modules in place. Most common ones are Product Page Templates, Category Page Templates, and Other Page Templates. If installed, you’ll find them under System Extension configuration (after clicking the triangle next to the name of your store on the left side of admin).
    Some others are OpenUI Supermod, OpenDesigner, and things like Display Wizard Pro. To see if these are installed, click the triangle next to Modules and look toward the bottom of the list – past all the default Miva-installed modules, for third-party modules. (They may not be all at the bottom if the site has been upgraded, but they definitely won’t be at the top.)

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