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RNC Candidate Forum on YouTube

The candidates for Chairman of the Republican National Committee have agreed to take questions from the party rank and file, via text or YouTube, through January 19th. The candidates will then respond to at least ten of the top questions using YouTube from January 20th through the start of the RNC Meeting on January 28th.
I’ve submitted three questions so far. Kindly vote for them at the links below.
Closed primaries:

Will you make it a top priority to ensure that by the 2012 election cycle all statewide Republican primary elections are closed to everyone except registered Republicans?

The Ron Paul problem:

Ron Paul has a very energetic and organized community of fans and followers, as is obvious if you browse the other questions submitted here. Unfortunately, his movement also attracts anti-semites, 9/11 Truthers, isolationists, and Bircherite cranks … all of whom tarnish the Republican Party by association. Ron Paul holds some mainstream conservative positions, but he’s got plenty of bad ideas too. How will you distance the GOP from the nuttier elements of the Ron Paul movement, yet still appeal to the rest of his motivated young followers?

A conservative litmus test:

In order to effectively allocate campaign funds to conservative candidates, would you support a minimal litmus test of acceptable conservatism for would-be GOP candidates? In other words, would you require a “yes” to the following question: “Do you want the state to have less control over people’s lives, or more control?”