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Who’s responsible for the credit/housing crisis?

Here’s your answer.

Guess who took $105,849 from Fannie Mae? Look who’s at #3 on the list of pigs at Fannie’s trough: Barack Obama.
Obama took hush money from the people who crippled the home mortgage market through fraud, and he did nothing to regulate them. His friends enriched themselves while running Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae into the ground, and as a result we’re now stuck with that obscene $800+ billion dollar taxpayer-funded bailout bill. Worse still, three of Fannie Mae’s wealthy scammers advise Obama on everything from running mate selection to the details of housing policy.
That’s right; Obama seeks critical economic and political advice from the very people who ruined the mortgage market and caused the current financial crisis.
Why in the world would anyone trust Barack Obama to fix this financial mess, when he and his friends are the ones who caused this economic crisis in the first place?

If you want a ten-minute primer on how this mess happened, here you go:

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