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Obama’s other genocidal friend

No, not Raila Odinga. That’s old news to the mainstream media. I’m talking about William Ayers, genocidal thug.

If you don’t believe Larry Grathwohl’s statements above, and you don’t believe he foiled two of Ayers’ attempts at mass murder, then believe Ayers’ own words. He laid out his darkest goals in his 1974 book Prairie Fire, a manifesto of violent communist revolution.
But of course Barack Obama was innocently unaware of this deviant swine’s beliefs. Riiiiight.
To quote the blogger who goes by “Zombie“:

Ayers and Obama worked together for years on a school reform program called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.
Ayers and Obama also served together on the board of the Woods Fund of Chicago, a separate charity organization.
Obama had his political coming-out party in William Ayers’ home.
Ayers mentions Obama by name in a book he wrote in 1997, and mentions that the two are very close neighbors.
Obama gave a short glowing review of that same Ayers book for the Chicago Tribune.
Obama and Ayers were both presenters together on a panel about juvenile justice (organized by Michelle Obama).
Both Obama and Ayers were close friends with the same person, Rashid Kalidi.
There are also several unverified rumors swirling around that have not been documented: That Ayers may have helped to write part (or all) of Obama’s autobiography; that Obama and Ayers shared an office space together for three years, on the same floor of the same building in Chicago; and that Ayers and Obama may have known each other as far back as 1981.

Nope. Nothing to see here.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil