Barack Obama, socialist

Trevor Loudon of the blog New Zeal has more details on Barack Obama’s membership in The New Party, a socialist political party in Chicago.

This post is for journalists who care about the future of their country more than their careers.
I have previously posted about Barack Obama’s involvement in the socialist led Illinois New Party here, here and here.
Below are scans from New Party News Spring 1996.
They prove that Barack Obama was a member of the Illinois New Party and was endorsed by them in his 1996 Illinois State Senate race.

Here’s the first of several screenshots from the New Party News. Click to enlarge:

Read the rest and ask yourself why the American media continues to avert their eyes from this relevant background information about Barack Obama, the socialist.
To understand the New Party’s “fusion” strategy, and their connection to ACORN, read Stanley Kurtz.
H/T: Power Line