Why are we talking about McCain’s Citizenship?

Why is the question of John McCain’s citizenship being brought up now? Not meaning to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but it sure seems like the NY Times has suddenly made it their mission to bring up the most asinine of charges against the presumptive Republican nominee. Here is the article McCain’s Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries About Whether That Rules Him Out.
This issue hits a little close to home for me. My daughter was born overseas, specifically in the US Military Hospital in Wuerzburg, Germany while my wife was assigned there as a member of the US Army. If you follow the argument set out by the NY Times (and now floating around the blogs), she would be ineligible to become the President of this country, while the child of an illegal immigrant born in an Arizona hospital could someday become the Commander-in-Chief. Now I’m not a Constitutional Scholar, but I believe that the common sense definition needs to come into play.
Why was John McCain born in Panama? His father was a career US Navy Officer, stationed at the US Military Base in Panama at the time he was born. By pushing this argument, it means that the child of any military member, ambassador, embassy worker, or citizen serving their country outside the US borders born overseas is ineligible for this nation’s highest office. This is just flat out stupid.