Newsmax: Obama sat through Jeremiah Wright’s hate sermons


Contrary to Senator Barack Obama’s claim that he never heard his pastor Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. preach hatred of America, Obama was in the pews last July 22 when the minister blamed the “white arrogance” of America’s Caucasian majority for the world’s suffering, especially the oppression of blacks.

In fact, Obama was present in the South Side Chicago church on July 22 last year when Jim Davis, a freelance correspondent for Newsmax, attended services along with Obama. [See: “Obama’s Church: Cauldron of Division.”]

How many of these sermons did Obama attend? More importantly, if he lied about his supposed ignorance of Wright’s hateful rhetoric, why should we believe Obama when he “condemns” those sermons?
More analysis at Hot Air.

  1. Mybe because he wasn’t there Moron, he was in miami, do a little factchecking dumbass

  2. I didn’t make the claim, fella. Newsmax did.

  3. axt113 – Nice to see how you are practicing the art of being polite in web postings (I hope you don’t kiss your mother with that mouth). NewsMax has put out a clarification that Sen. Obama could have attended either the morning or evening sermon that day, even with a fundraiser in Miami at 1:30pm EDT. This is easily resolved with a FOIA check of Secret Service records. The larger picture has been missed, however. How do you not know that your close friend of 20 years has these views. Sen. Obama’s line about “an uncle” doesn’t ring true. You can’t choose your uncle, you can choose your pastor and church. I’m curious to see how his speech goes on Tuesday when he addresses this. My feeling is that it’s not going away any time soon.

  4. You have made a logical fallacy, he never said he didn’t know of any statments that could be construed as controversial, that’s incorrect, what he says is he didn’t know of the statements that ignited the controverys, like the God damn america stuff, and you are assuming that he shares the views that his Pastor has.
    As for the plane ride, News max is lying again, first the reporter doesn’t even know what day it is anymore, and he doesn’t realize that plane travel takes time, you idiot, he couldn’t make the trip in time to reach the sermon, its not physically possible as a trip form chicago to miami take 3-4 hours
    No its not going away but its not an issue, people just prefer sensationalism to actual substance

  5. Ah, the joy of anonymous posting. The flight distance from Chicago to Miami is approximately 1,200 miles. A Boeing 737 flies at a cruising speed of 550 MPH. This means that theoretically the shortest time it could take in the air is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes (I don’t think that Sen. Obama flies United like the rest of us). Assuming 45 minutes on either side for traffic, boarding aircraft, etc (when you are dealing with campaigns, the actual day of the candidate is a tightly controlled script of where to be when) this means it would take 3 hours and 45 minutes. If the service at Trinity started at 7:30am (8:30EDT) and ended an hour later (being a regular in church, I don’t know many services that last longer than 45 minutes even with Communion), this would theoretically put the Senator at his event in Miami at 1:15pm…just in time for a 1:30pm fundraiser.
    According to the Washington Post, Sen. Obama was in both Chicago and Miami that day. Here’s the link:
    As far as substance goes, I’m still waiting for something besides Let’s Hope for Change because Change is Hope. Don’t get me wrong, on a personal level I like the guy and what he could represent, but I have serious issues with his experience and underlying politics as usual. I’m worried that an Obama presidency will look more like a Carter than a Roosevelt.

  6. Actually your fact checking is wrong again, your speed for the Boeing is too fast, the fastest version of the 737 has a cruising speed of 514 MPH, not 550, so that alone thorws your beliefs into question if you can’t even do simple fact checking, go read the wikipedia page on the 737 its right there.
    Also if he left the church at 8:30, 9:30 EST he would need 1 and a half ours for travel to and from the airports,+chicago,+miami&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us
    2 hours and 56 minutes in the air, we aren’t talking about on the ground waiting to board this is in the air
    So we get 3 hours in the air plus 1 and a half hour in the cars, and that is still too long to make it (4 and a half plus 9:30 is 2 o clock), he would at best, if everything worked out perfectly, show up at 1:30 exactly assuming time was shaved off at certain points, but there is no evidence that he showed up in a rush at the speech, sorry but you still have yet to prove he could make it

  7. axt113 – Like I said, he doesn’t fly United. Except when they can’t avoid it, most candidates use private airports to fly in and out of. My mistake on the speed, I looked at the maximum speed vs the cruising speed. That adds all of 17 minutes to the flight time (2:18 vs 2:35). I will say that trying to use Orbitz to justify your point about flight time completely misses the point because it is using commercial aircraft (who build in time for delays on the ground, transit to terminals, etc) so that they can maintain “on time statistics” for the government and their customers. How many times have you ever been on a flight that has landed “30 minutes early?”
    Speaking of airports, both Chicago Midway and Merill C. Meigs are within 20 minutes of his church (the private airfield is actually closer, only 12 miles away). The La Raza speech was at the Miami Convention Center, located approximately 20-30 minutes away from the airport…depending upon if you flew into Miami International or the Opa Locka Executive Airport located 5 miles further away (both less than 16 miles from the Convention Center). For major presidential candidates, there is usually a police escort for security reasons so they don’t bother with pesky things like traffic. Bottom line, even with my mistake of 18 minutes, there was already so much extra time built into the schedule he could have easily made the event in Miami.
    You’ve lost sight of the forest for the trees. You can either continue to debate about whether it was possible he sat through a particular sermon on a particular date, or acknowledge the fact that he has attended a church that has a pastor that many times in the past has said some very racist and anti-american things. Sen. Obama himself addressed this a little while ago in a very good speech. My only issue with that is it should have been addressed at the beginning of the election cycle, and now it sounds a little too much like damage control at this point. One of the major points that Sen. Obama is running on is his “judgment.” Oprah joined the same church in 1984…then broke with it in the late 90’s for unexplained reasons (and was crucified by Rev. Wright for her split).

  8. axt 113 – did you just cite wikipedia as you source for fact checking?

  9. Better source than you guys are actually using, so far your entire arguments have been speculations upon speculations, no evidence, even Wikipedia is better than nothing.
    Lets do the math even assuming that he can make the trip from the airports to the places in 20 minutes, you still haven’t shown me any evidence that the trip would be faster than 3 hours, you say orbitz isn’t good, but where is your counter evidence, until you show me any evidence that disagrees, my point stands, because even at 40 minutes ground travel that is still 3 hours and 40 minutes at the earliest which means he gets there with only 20 minutes to spare, politicians don’t like to be rushed like that when giving speeches.
    Face it the facts are clear he wasn’t there on July 22nd and newsmax article is full of lies.
    As for his speech what he said was that he heard things that could be considered controversial, but said that the statments being played on youube, and in the media are beyond controversial, which means he never heard those, one again your fact checking fails you

  10. axt113 – Time to take off the rose-colored glasses my friend. You are defending the indefensible, namely that he was a member of a church that has spewed racist propaganda for over 20 years. You are clearly naive to the workings of a political campaign, where politicians will fly in to multiple cities the same day, specifically for a particular speech, with barely 5 minutes on either side for “grip and grin” moments with the crowd before they are off to their next stop. As an example, it was not uncommon a couple of weeks ago for both Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama to be in Ohio and Texas and back again on the same day, at events barely 3 hours apart. According to your reliable source “Orbitz” that would be next to impossible since it takes too much time to fly from those places. As proof, let’s take one day in time – namely Feb 27th (I picked it at random). Hillary was in Houston at 9:00am (CST) for an appearance and in Zanesville, OH (EST) at 1:30pm for a meeting. According to Orbitz, that flight from Houston to Columbus (closer to Houston than Zanesville) is 2 hours and 39 minutes. By your logic, it is impossible that she should be at both events…but she was. Here’s the source.
    The Washington Post has shown Sen. Obama to be in both Chicago and Miami the day in question. Newsmax is standing by its story, which was originally published on August 7th…barely 2 weeks after the sermon in the church (just because the campaign says he wasn’t there doesn’t make it so). Once again, you are so focused on trying to prove it was impossible for him to be in Miami (which you have failed to do) on the day in question that you are not seeing the bigger picture…that he was a member of this church for 20 years. He gives a great speech about wanting to be above politics, but not all of us are convinced that he’s the Obamessiah like you are. I’ve seen firsthand some of the underhanded dirty politics put out by his campaign, the kind of things that he supposedly decries. All you have to do is look at how his campaign attempted to manipulate the Ohio vote by cherry-picking districts to stay open late. His campaign asked a federal judge to keep precincts open in three Ohio counties (which coincided with Cleveland, Cincinatti and Columbus, three of the only five counties in Ohio he won), then settled in Oral Arguments on 21 districts in Cleveland that all had populations of over 80% African-Americans. If he truly wanted to be above the political fray, why not ask the judge to keep the entire state open till 9:00pm? Especially when the Secretary of State had already taken steps in those areas they felt were adversely affected. Sorry, I’m not convinced.

  11. Well duh he was in Chicago, but was he in the church, nope, if you can show me the tracker for one perosn, show me for Obama show me that he was in the church at the time and in Miami, Newsmax can stand by anything it wants doesn’t make it fact.
    Also i’m not defending anything, i’m pointing out the facts, facts which are too nuanced for you, first off you’ve seen 2 minutes of footage, how does that become 20 years, sorry dude by you have to be going very fast for two minutes to equal 20 years.
    You have failed to prove as did newsmax, whose own reporter now says he doesn’t know the day that he saw Obama, that he was there in the church, you have failed to show that he heard any of the vile remarks in 20 years, controversial remakrs are not the same as those vile remarks being played on TV and youtube.
    Sorry but you have yet to convince me of the ccuracy of your statments, please show me some actual proof of Obama being in the church at the time, being in Chicago is nothing, Chicago is one of the nation’s biggest cities, show me he was in that church listening to the sermon, and not getting ready to leave for his speech

  12. First, it was impossible for him to be in church and get from the service in Chicago to Miami in time for his speech to La Raza. Now, it’s “well, he was in Chicago but not in church that day.” Assuming your correct that he chose not to go to church on that one Sunday in July, you’re still missing the point, which is 20 years of strong association with a pastor (and a man he has acknowledged as his spiritual advisor and a major influence in his life) known for speaking in a very anti-american and racist manner. There’s no point in continuing this discussion, you will believe what you want to believe, and find ways to justify it to yourselves. I just hope for the sake of the nation he starts talking about something more than “Hope” and “Change” and starts addressing in specifics how we fix the economy, restrengthen the dollar, regain our standing in the world, rebuild jobs, prevent inflation…in other words, the real issues candidates should be talking about. We’re electing a President, not the next American Idol.

  13. Man you guys need to cease your Obamagasms long enough to breathe. You’re going to kill what few brain cells you have left.

  14. Yeah, I think you are over-reacting. If he’s anything like most husbands, he was dozing when the sermon started, and didn’t wake up until the “amen”. At least, that’s what my husband does, at least once a month.

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