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I never thought this day would come

You’ve probably heard of “broken glass voters.” Well, I just rolled my manual wheelchair through wind-driven sleet and two inches of bat-guano-slick slush to vote in Ohio’s primary election. I’m not alone in braving the crud to go vote either.
The turnout according to the poll workers had topped 630 voters as I arrived 15 minutes from poll-closing time. Typical turnout for presidential primaries here runs about 400-450 voters. More interesting yet, the sign-in desk had almost used up its allotted stack of change-your-party-affiliation forms. With ~20 pages in the stack and 5 signature blocks on each form, that means that close to 100 voters in this suburban Cleveland area district changed their party affiliation.
With John McCain having the GOP nomination all but sewn up already, I’ll give you three guesses which party’s members were flocking to vote for the other side’s nominee … and your first two guesses don’t count.
I’ll be keeping an eye out for airborne swine, because it’s been that kind of day.