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A thought experiment for Obama cultists

Imagine that I’m a leading Republican candidate for President, and I’ve been a member of the Westboro Baptist Church for 20 years, and donated tens of thousands of dollars to the ministry. I’ve also called the Reverend Fred Phelps my friend and spiritual mentor for years. Furthermore, he presided over my marriage and baptized my two daughters.
Now when embarrassing video clips of Fred Phelps’ sermons surface during my campaign, I start distancing myself from the specific offensive statements in the specific videos. I also play down my association with Phelps by likening him to a crazy uncle and claiming “Gosh, he never said stuff like that when I was in the pews; the few times I attended it was all about Jesus and love and faith and family.”
My supporters claim the media cherry-picked quotes to serve their own agenda, that people are afraid of me, and that my accusers don’t understand the “context” of the rhetoric used in churches that focus primarily on homosexuals.
Would anybody believe a single word I said? Of course not. They’d all call B.S.
So why in the world do the Obamassiah’s followers expect me to swallow his line of bull?

Update: Spin, baby, spin.