What Fox should ask McCain and Huckabee tonight

Michelle Malkin solicits questions for tonight’s GOP debate on Fox News. Here are a few off the top of my head.

  • Senator McCain, will you pledge not to accept federal matching funds for your campaign?
  • Senator McCain, if you fail to win the nomination, will you support the party’s nominee?
  • Governor Huckabee, three years ago you delivered a pro-immigration speech to the League of United Latin American Citizens. Do you still support the aims of LULAC?
  • Governor Huckabee, the pro-illegal immigration group Arkansas Friendship Coalition has ties to Tyson Foods, ACORN, and the ACLU. Among other things, the group opposes state enforcement of federal immigration laws. Do you now or have you ever supported the same goals as the Arkansas Friendship Coalition?
  • Governor Huckabee, why did you oppose a bill in the Arkansas Senate (Senate Bill 206) that would have required proof of citizenship to register to vote and would have also forced agencies to report suspected cases of people living in the country illegally? You called it “un-Christian, un-American, irresponsible and anti-life” back then. Why the sudden change in your stance?
  • Governor Huckabee, why did you campaign for Democrats in statewide elections four years ago?

Mike Huckabee has a lot of explaining to do if he hopes to account for his very recent flip-flops on illegal immigration.

1/12 Update: Former Huckabee research director Joe Carter asks for evidence that Mike Huckabee is liberal. I offer the information above as fodder for the conversation.