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Enough with the empty chants of “change”

Watching the GOP forum on Fox News tonight I noticed an aggravating verbal tic in the responses of a few candidates. Judging from Romney’s, McCain’s, and Huckabee’s responses, they seem convinced that uttering the word “change” repeatedly will transform Republican voters into McHuckaRom zombies. It’s not like the word “change” has magical powers, guys.
It’s a focus-grouped word that a flexible politician chants when he’s afraid to give a straight answer and would rather obscure the facts.
smoke screen of change
Feh. I’m with Fred:

Well, you know, we’re all talking about change now, we had a– some folks vote in Iowa and everybody came out of there talking about change. Change has been a part of every election since the dawn of elections, if you weren’t an incumbent. I think that what is more important is leadership and what is more important, as a part of leadership is telling the American people the truth and having the courage to do that. … Let’s do what generations have done in times past, come together and do the right thing and that’s the change that we need. I wish we could change to that.

That makes two of us, Senator.