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Fred Thompson’s final pitch to Iowa voters

At just under seventeen minutes, it would cost too much to put this talk on TV as an advertisement, but it’s worth careful consideration nonetheless.

I don’t know about you, but it’s easy for me to picture Fred Thompson delivering speeches like that from behind the desk in the Oval Office. Hopefully if you’re in Iowa you’ll find yourself persuaded to vote for Fred. He isn’t as pretty and pliable as Mitt Romney is, he doesn’t cloak his liberalism with his faith like Mike Huckabee does, and he doesn’t rely on a decade-long love affair with the mainstream media like John McCain does. Even more importantly he doesn’t lust after the power of the presidency with every fiber of his being … unlike Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama.
Fred08Rather, Fred’s a cool-headed and principled man who understands that his skills, experience, and temperament uniquely qualify him to serve as the next President of the United States.
America doesn’t need a stereotypically slick politician in the Oval Office. America deserves a president with a spine, who won’t tolerate hostility from our enemies, and who will unabashedly support our allies.
We need a president who will care more about blunt honesty than political posturing, and who recognizes that the American people create the nation’s wealth and are entitled to keep more of what they earn.
We need a president who will encourage legal immigration, refuse to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, enforce existing immigration laws, and remove the financial incentives that draw illegals to America.
We need a president who recognizes that fundamental individual rights are inalienable, a president who will appoint judges who understand that the U.S. Constitution means what it says, a president who will oppose arrogant federal judges who impose their own social policies because they think they know what’s best for the rest of us.
We need a pro-life federalist president who understands the relationship between individual liberty, personal responsibility, a limited federal government and the rule of law.
We need Fred Thompson.
If you want a president who’s flashy, loud, pushy, power-hungry, hot-tempered, morally flexible, or with a pretty head of hair, then Fred’s not your candidate. But if instead you want a fearless, steady, serious and humble wartime president … you know who to support.

11:45 Update: Amen to Miss Beth.