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Video: abortionist tells med students he lies to patients

This press release from Students for Life of America just arrived in my inbox.

Alberto Hodari, abortionistLast month, Dr. Alberto Hodari spoke to students at Wayne State in Detroit about his career performing abortions. In his speech, Hodari told students that doctors have a license to lie to their patients (34:05).
The video of the entire speech with captions has now been released on Google Video.

The speech took place on November 9, 2007.
Also in the speech, Hodari talks about going to Mexico to do experiments on pregnant women that were outlawed in the United States (38:57). He invited students to come watch an abortion he performed (11:57) and he also spoke about how little he washed between abortions because it chafed his hands (12:13).
“To hear Hodari speak, one wonders if Michigan is the third world,” SFLA Executive Director Kristan Hawkins said. “Planned Parenthood complains about ‘back-alley’ abortions, even though Hodari is running a business where he’s barely washing his hands between abortions.”
Student President Ashley Tyndall said, “Several women have died while getting abortions with Hodari, and yet the Michigan board of health has never investigated him. How many women have to die before the bureaucrats start telling Hodari to wash his hands and tell patients the truth.”

I’m disgusted, but not at all surprised. When you make a living by killing inconvenient children, you’re not going to get too worked up about lying, practicing in unsanitary conditions, or doing things with pregnant women that you can’t do in America.
This savage in a snappy suit is indoctrinating our future doctors and hopes to recruit more abortionists. Do you find that acceptable?