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The Army’s naughty word list

Have you ever used the word “blackmail” in a conversation at work? Or the phrase “white lie”? “Caught red handed”? “Savage”? “Guinea pig”? “Canuck”? “Black list”? All are forbidden in the workplace at the U.S. Army Intelligence Security Command.

Army bad wordsIn response to the Denver diversity video debacle, a military reader shared his own diversity lunacy story:
“I’m not sure this tops the Denver story but this past August the Army Intelligence and Security Command’s (INSCOM) Equal Opportunity (EO) promulgated a list of forbidden words. Some of the words on this list wouldn’t be used in the work place by most people with any common sense — but some of the words on the list are ridiculous and epitomize the overreaching hysteria of the PC speech police. I’m sending a screen shot of the email message that accompanied the forbidden word list, as well as a screen shot of the forbidden words list (2 columns).
On the screen shots you can see that I’m logged into my Army AKO email when viewing both the email and the attached forbidden words list — I did this so you can be assured that they were circulated via the Army’s AKO email system and are not something that was made up. However, I’ve blacked out my account information as I do **not** want to be identified as the source. I don’t know whether this list was published Army-wide or DoD-wide or whether it was just an INSCOM project, but note that the EO Advisor says this list was the product of the Army’s EO School, which suggests that this would have been sent Army-wide.”
[Ed.: click on the image to see it at full resolution]

When will we ever learn to be serious and let this P.C. silliness go?