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Dell, Inc. pays attention to blogs

At 9:20 AM this morning, Dave at posted a blurb about Dell’s XPS competing with the Apple iMac. At 10:51 AM, I left a comment criticizing Dell and explaining why I now own a Lenovo. At 5:05 PM, someone named RichardatDELL left the following comment:

Hi Dave, thanks for the feed back and glad to hear you are impressed.
Ruddle Pirate [sic], The XPS One as part of the XPS line has a specialized support team that is highly trained on XPS systems and based in North America. I just bought a new XPS and needing to just check a couple things. The hold times were nil and the agents great.
We dropped the ball in the past, but we heard you, our customers, and are onb the way back. Sorry we lost you as a customer.
Hopefully we will regain your confidence with time.

<Vader voice>
Impressive. Most impressive.
</Vader voice>