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The Communists are back (as Neocommunists)

James Lewis examines the Neocommunist Left and reaches some startling conclusions.

Today the voters have not yet caught on to the real radicalism of the Left. If they do, Democrats will once again have to choose between the totalitarian impulse and being small d-democrats. Because our Democrats are emphatically not small-d democrats. They will use and manipulate their voters, but they don’t listen to them. Whenever possible, they accomplish unpopular policy initiatives through the courts, our least democratic government mechanism, one never designed to lead in formulating social policy.
The NeoCommies may not be conspirators, but they are heirs to an international political movement that was built on conspiracies.

The methods of Neocommunism parallel those of Old Communism to an astonishing degree.
The routine use of orchestrated group lying (so that many different people are suddenly making the same accusation);
The constant use of innocent-sounding front groups like and Media Matters;
The use of stooges (like military retirees, both real and phony);
The need to whip up the rage of the faithful with constant disinformation about the enemy (i.e., America and conservatives);
The infiltration of media and government. Members of the seventies left are sprinkled throughout these institutions, carrying out the long march. These tricks are all straight out of the old, old playbook. Karl Marx really was a genius agitator and revolutionary plotter, though nothing else. Marx is still the model.

Hmmmm …

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