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Lefties vandalize Young America’s Foundation web site

I just swung through the YAF online store and found this description under their Ann Coulter poster:

Ann Coulter – best-selling author, talentless clown, witty columnist, and compelling speaker – proves it is possible to be beautiful, intelligent, and conservative (cough– did you really believe that? no? here’s some more kool-aid).

I called YAF to let them know they’ve been hacked, but they’re already on the case. The supervisor I spoke to laughed ruefully as she apologized and said that their techies are trying to chase down the hacker and repair his/her/its vandalism. No doubt this is the work of a Boing Boing denizen.
This is what passes for wit on the left.
Hat tip: Hot Air

Update: There’s more.

Can’t “Hang the leaders” of the Conservative Movement from a tree? Then try the wall in your office, home, or dorm room! Add a set of darts and its the next hit for your dorm party!

And more:

Ronald Wilson Reagan was famous for his naps. While homeless lingered on streets, while corruption drifted in and out of his offices, while Marines were cutting and running from the Middle East, and spare parts were doled out to our enemies du jour, the Iranians — through it all, Reagan knew nothing!