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A great way to clear your sinuses

Take it from me: you never ever want to lose the documentation proving that you’ve completed military-grade OC spray training. Encores are a buzzkill.

As soon as that gooey pepper spray hits your face, your nose expels rivers of snot, your skin feels like it’s been sunburned, your lips feel like they’re covered in angry fire ants, and your throat tries to close up if you’re dumb enough to breathe too deeply.
And your eyes. Oh, your eyes. They don’t close … they slam shut. This pepper spray’s Scoville score is in the 2,000,000 – 5,300,000 range, so it’s worse than breaking open a habanero pepper and rubbing your bare eyeballs with it. It’s such exquisite pain that after your instructor calls “break” you can stare unblinking into cold water running from a hose into your eyes because it … Makes. The. Ow. Go. Away.
Did I forget to mention that you’re expected to keep control of your sidearm and your combative subject after being sprayed? Fun times.