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Ultrasound Viewing Option Bill introduced in Ohio House (UPDATED)

If our politicians in Columbus can find a way to enact H.B. 314, the state medical board will be able to “limit, revoke, or suspend an individual’s certificate to practice, refuse to register an individual, refuse to reinstate a certificate, or reprimand or place on probation the holder of a certificate” if that individual violates this new language in the Ohio Revised Code (emphasis added by Yours Truly):

Sec. 2317.561. In addition to the requirements in section 2317.56 of the Revised Code, if an obstetric ultrasound examination is performed at any time prior to the performance or inducement of an abortion or the physician performing or inducing the abortion determines that an ultrasound examination will be performed as part of the abortion procedure, the physician shall do both of the following prior to the performance or inducement of the abortion:
    (A) Provide the pregnant woman receiving the abortion the opportunity to view the active ultrasound image of the embryo or fetus;
    (B) Offer to provide the pregnant woman with a physical picture of the ultrasound image of the embryo or fetus.
The requirements of division (A) of this section shall be performed at no additional charge to the pregnant woman.

4-dimensional ultrasoundI looked through the Ohio Revised Code for any other mentions of the word “ultrasound” and found nothing that requires an abortionist to perform one. I’d bet that the standards of practice for an Ohio Ob/Gyn require an ultrasound before an abortion, but I’ll confirm my hunch with my sister-in-law since she’s an Ob/Gyn resident.
I’ll check the Ohio Administrative Code in a bit.

Update 1: My search for the word “ultrasound” in the Ohio Administrative Code yielded 13 hits. Only the first five look like they’re worth examining. More on this later.
Update 2: I found nothing in the Ohio Administrative Code about requiring Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (a term that includes abortion clinics) to do an ultrasound before performing an abortion. Unless you choose to interpret Administrative Rule 4731-18-01(A)(1) really really broadly:

4731-18-01 Standards for surgery.
(A) The surgeon of record in an operative case shall personally:
(1) Evaluate the patient sufficiently to formulate an appropriate preoperative diagnosis;

Too general to hang your hat on, in my opinion. Now it’s on to the Ohio Medical Board Rules.
Update 3: I found nothing in the Ohio Medical Board Rules requiring an abortionist to perform a pre-abortion ultrasound. Now I’ll try the National Abortion Federation’s Clinical Policy Guidelines, which serve as the abortion industry’s self-published minimum standards of care for abortion providers. I haven’t found any comparable document published by any regulatory body or professional association in Ohio that would set the minimum standards of care for Ohio’s abortionists. Unless someone can prove me wrong, I’m forced to conclude that Ohio abortionists are governed by the NAF’s Clinical Policy Guidelines.