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Progress on CENTCOM online news?

On Wednesday afternoon, shortly after helping U.S. Central Command improve its news distribution from the war zone, I sent the following e-mail to CENTCOM’s Public Affairs Office:

Your CENTCOM podcast feed at …
[link shortened]
… is broken. You’ve been uploading new podcasts all the way through 31 AUG 07, but the podcast feed has nothing new after 26 JAN 07. Just go look at …
[link shortened]
… and you’ll see. Please fix this ASAP. CENTCOM needs this podcast to function if America is to win the information war against the jihadis.
Incidentally, the following feeds are also woefully outdated (perhaps dead?):
[link shortened]
[link shortened]

Yesterday afternoon, CENTCOM replied:

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I have contacted our web masters and you should see something new within the next couple of days. Thanks again for your support.
Master Sgt. S. Crumes
Public Affairs Operations NCO
US Central Command
(813) 827-6761
DSN 312-651-6761
Cell [snipped]
Fax 813-827-2211

CENTCOM’s three dead feeds disappeared this morning, but the two good ones remained. That leads me to believe that somebody’s working on the problem. Unfortunately CENTCOM’s entire site dropped offline this afternoon. I’ll be watching to see what happens.