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One Ohio newspaper calls Sherrod Brown on the carpet

The Morning Journal unloads on Sherrod Brown today for his refusal to condemn’s slimy “General Betray Us” ad:

General Betray Us adIt’s a shame that Brown and the other 24 Democrats couldn’t set partisanship aside to vote for the resolution and make a simple unanimous statement from the Senate that MoveOn was off base and wrong to place the damaging ad.
But then MoveOn is a mega-dollar supporter of Democratic election campaigns. Who else would know that better than Brown. His Senate campaign last year received more than $300,000 through MoveOn, and the group did other work to help get Brown elected.
Brown said, through an aide, that the $300,000 he got from MoveOn had nothing to do with his vote against the GOP resolution to condemn the group’s Petraeus ad.
The average Ohioan should feel insulted that Brown thinks we would actually believe his denial.
Maybe he is counting on our ”suspension of disbelief” as we watch this drama play out in the political theater of Congress. That would be cynical.
MoveOn and its ad assaulted the U.S. commander during war. That is wrong and damaging to our country. We are disappointed that Brown apparently lacked the strength and clarity to just drop politics and say MoveOn was wrong to attack our top soldier in Iraq.
Those who ”support our troops” should do so vigorously, from the bottom ranks to the top, even if that means offending your political pals with the deep pockets.

Read the whole thing.