Joining the Blogging World

Greetings online community. I am going to be blogging with my fellow co-horts here at Brainshavings as a more reasoned voice (I’m not a right-wing nut like the Pirate) for the online community. In fact, both the Pirate and the Spider Slayer like to refer to me as their “left-wing moonbat friend.” I’ll take that as a compliment. I’ll bring a more centrist personal perspective, or as the Pirate likes to say “I’ll stick my finger in the air and figure out which way the wind is blowing before I give my position.” I’ve actually registered as both a Democrat and a Republican in the past based upon the issues, though recently I’ve been an Independent due to my disgust with both national parties. Let the debate begin!

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  1. It’s good to have you aboard. Welcome!

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