Democrats are their own worst enemies

Just when you think they can’t manage to shoot themselves in the foot (again), runs a full page ad in the NY Times with the title “General Petraeus or General Betray Us.” The gist of the ad is that Petraeus is a Bush sympathizer disconnected from the facts, before he has even uttered one word to congress. It’s no wonder the american people don’t take democratic politics seriously when they are represented by this bunch.
As a former member of the Armed Forces, with a spouse who is currently in Iraq fighting the good fight, this kind of crap only emboldens the enemy and undercuts our military. Take it from someone who’s inside source is over there, this guy knows what he is talking about and we finally have an effective military strategy in place, even if it is 4 years late in coming (thanks to the arrogant and incompetent former SecDef). The troops on the ground have faith in the guy, too bad the politicians are more concerned with sound bites than listening to a professional military general give his assessment on how to win the war. It’s time for MoveOn to move on.
You can see a copy of the ad here.

Puddle Pirate’s addendum: Guess who got a sweetheart discount on that ad?

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  1. A question for Plunderbund

    Do the lefty bloggers at Plunderbund have any reaction to the despicable “Betray Us” ad? Even Rolling Stone can see it for what it is: filth. How about it, Plunderbund?…

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