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Wacky ideas for Republican victory in 2008

If you thought Ron Paul supporters were odd to begin with, wait ’til you see what they think of the dastardly neoconservative bogeymen lurking in the shadows. Apparently, some author from the far right lunatic fringe named Philip Atkinson wrote an essay urging President Bush to crush democracy and become “President-For-Life”, all in the name of national security. His essay supposedly turned up on the Family Security Matters web site, but it’s not there at the moment. Was it scrubbed? I don’t know, so I just sent e-mails to Atkinson and to Family Security Matters requesting an explanation.
Although it’s all a tempest in a teapot as far as I’m concerned, the comments at One Oar In The Water (a fellow SOB Alliance blogger) sure raised my eyebrows. Talk about drinking the Ron Paul Kool-Aid. The chickenhawk trope pops up early. Side question: since Ron Paul never served in combat, can a President Paul ever conduct a war without being labeled a chickenhawk? Just, y’know, wondering.
I’m no neocon. I’m just a plain old conservative, and I’ve been one ever since I began to follow politics in high school eons ago. It’s amusing to see the nutty losertarians libertarians going weak in the knees over a crank like Ron Paul, while accusing the sane majority of conservatives of worshipping George W. Bush as some kind of messianic savior of America. How blinkered and paranoid must one’s outlook be to lump all conservatives into two camps, either Ron Paul Groupies or Neocon Bush-Worshippers?
Ah, well. Even loons have a right to say patently silly things.