New to the boat

Lest the Puddle Pirate be allowed to run amok and call people members of a  “far right lunatic fringe”  I should have a forum to offer my perspective.  Albeit, my mind is far right, it is still more moonbat-ish than my just-right-of-atilla-the-hun friend the Puddle Pirate.  Who is the Puddle Pirate to accuse one of being a lunatic hailing from the far right….sounds more like the far left to me! This is just the beginning of my brain shavings!!!!! Let the party begin

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  1. I think some of Ron Paul’s supporters have gone so far to the right that they’ve wound up on the left. Lunatic fringe, indeed.
    You’re no lunatic though. You’re just slightly warped. Which is cool.
    Welcome aboard!

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