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The logical response to the Virginia Tech massacre

I’ve pondered whether to carry a concealed pistol long enough. It’s legal in Ohio now. By the end of April, I resolve to find a good local shooting range and start putting rounds on target. By the end of May I resolve to take the required firearms safety course and submit all of the paperwork for a concealed carry permit.
There will be no repeat of the Virginia Tech massacre if I am in range.

Update: Hog On Ice says it even more bluntly. The victims were doomed by the gun ban.
4/18 Update: I’m having success with pulling together a group of friends to come with me to a local range in the next week or two. So far, I’m the only guy. Here’s to women who are interested in self-defense and who refuse to be afraid of guns!
Also, check out Michelle Malkin’s latest on NRO, “Wanted: A Culture of Self-Defense”

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