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Supreme Court: fetuses are human beings

Are you sitting down? Read page 17 of today’s majority opinion in Carhart v. Gonzales:

The Act does apply both previability and postviability because, by common understanding and scientific terminology, a fetus is a living organism while within the womb, whether or not it is viable outside the womb. … We do not understand this point to be contested by the parties.

Did you catch that? According to the explicit and undisputed wording of Supreme Court, a fetus in the womb is a living organism. The fetus is not a “potential life.” It’s a life.
The obvious follow-up is to ask what kind of organism the fetus is, and the answer is as straightforward as it is undeniable. The fetus is a human organism. A human being.
That’s a huge legal victory. Common sense and science finally enjoy the muscle of the Supreme Court to back up what every honest person with half a brain knows: the unborn are human beings.
Now we can really start to undermine the silly pro-abort argument about the unborn being human but not “persons.”

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