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Coast Guard Academy Climate Assessment Task Force Report

The Coast Guard Academy is “adrift”, according to the Associated Press’ take on a USCG task force report analyzing the Academy’s climate:

The U.S. Coast Guard Academy has lost its way and is struggling with a climate of distrust and cynicism in which nearly a quarter of cadets say they would not report classmates who commit sexual assault, a task force reported Friday.
The task force, created last year after the first student court-martial in the academy’s 130-year history, said the academy must restore its focus on leadership and character to develop the best officers to safeguard the nation’s coasts.

The task force said that an emphasis on sports and academics has overshadowed leadership development and a focus on core values.

I’m a 1994 CGA graduate, and I also went to law school with LCDR Richard Batson (one of the task force members) for whom I have a great deal of personal and professional respect. I’ll reserve comment until I’ve read the report.
Peter Stinson at Tidewater Musings did a fine job of digging up the actual task force report. Before you get all spun up about the Coast Guard’s supposed culture of cavemen, read the report yourself. And take it with a grain of salt.
The local rag newspaper in New London, The Day, has two brief stories on the fallout from the task force’s climate report: here and here.

Update: The Academy’s Superintendent wrote a letter to the alumni and made an opening statement to the press, and the CGA Alumni Association posted both of them.