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McCain woos the base with help from … Mike DeWine??

The following e-mail from Mike DeWine landed in my inbox today. The first sentence was enough to instantly seal my decision to vote against John McCain in the Ohio primary, but I can’t resist a mild fisking.

Dear Friend,
You may have heard that I am heading up John McCain’s Presidential campaign in Ohio. I’d like to take a few moments to tell you why.
I have known John McCain for almost 25 years. We both were elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1982. I worked closely with him during our years together in the House and during my 12 years in the U.S. Senate. No one is more qualified to be our next President. [Ed.: Wrong. Fred Dalton Thompson is.]
While our Party is truly fortunate to have such a strong field of qualified candidates, I believe that John McCain has what it takes – the experience, knowledge, and foresight – to lead our Nation. He is decisive. He has guts. And, he leaves no room for ambiguity or uncertainty in his reasoned policy decisions. [Ed.: Yup, he’s unambiguously a squish on everything but national defense.]
I don’t agree with John McCain on every issue. [Ed.: That’s supposed to reassure me that he’s not a RINO like you?] But, I do know that when we elect a President, we elect the Commander-in-Chief. We elect someone who is going to be making life and death decisions every single day. There is only one person I want making those decisions – and that person is John McCain.
The fact is that the future and security of this country hinges on next year’s election. The Presidency requires a person of sound judgment, with an extraordinary grasp of foreign and military affairs – someone who can navigate our country through very dangerous and unchartered waters. Again, that person is John McCain. [Ed.: No, it’s Fred.]
Over and over, John has proven his leadership. He was right about Iraq and the need for more troops. He was also right way back in the fall of 1983. I remember John giving a courageous speech in the House against extending our military presence in Lebanon. He believed our presence would not be sufficient to keep the peace, nor were we prepared to exercise our full military capabilities. Less than one month later, 241 U.S. military personnel lost their lives in Lebanon.
John McCain, like he has so many times, stepped forward. He didn’t sit back. He didn’t cower. He knows both the strengths and limits of our military forces. That kind of understanding is vital if a President is to exercise measured judgment on when and where to use our military to defend and protect our country and our interests.
The bottom line is this: I’ve watched John McCain for years. I know him, and I’m for him. Please join me with your support. Whether it is through a financial contribution or your volunteer efforts, John needs your help. Visit to join the team.
Very respectfully yours,
Mike DeWine
P.S. Click here to make a quick online contribution.
Paid for by Mike DeWine for U.S. Senate and authorized by John McCain 2008. [Ed.: DeWine still has money in his campaign war chest, and he only spends it on McCain?]

Every time I think McCain can’t be any more tone deaf to the conservative GOP base, he out-does himself.

Update: I’m not the only one wincing. Check out VikingSpirit, Nasty Brutish & Short, Return of The Conservatives, and PoliticsExtra.
Update 2: Jerid at the lefty Buckeye State Blog wonders just exactly where DeWine’s disagreements with McCain lie. Good question.