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Things will get much worse before they get better

The Democrats have been running Congress for a short time now, but they’re already living up (down?) to conservative expectations. The Republican Party is reverting to spinelessness, and high-profile Republicans are scampering leftward in a crass effort to win re-election in 2008. When combined with President Bush’s inability to persuasively articulate the many good reasons to continue the war on islamism, the near future looks pretty bleak. Although I remain an optimist at heart, I’m also realistic about human nature and the tendency of modern Americans to be short-sighted and self-absorbed.
I just want to get the following predictions on the record. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m confident that I’m right.

Before 2007 ends, I predict all of the following will happen.
  • The Democratic Congress, with the help of feckless Republicans, will pass a “non-binding” resolution opposing the war in Iraq. Period. No qualifications.

  • A few months later, the Democratic Congress will cut off funds for the troop surge in Iraq.
  • Sensing our politicians’ weakness, our islamic enemies will step up their attacks on our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • The Democratic Congress will abandon all pretense of supporting our troops, and will cut off all funds for the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan.
  • Our troops will be forced to leave Iraq and Afghanistan in disgrace.
  • Afghanistan will return to its default state: general lawlessness, with tribal enclaves controlled by warlords.
  • Iraq will descend into an astonishing orgy of inter-tribal and sectarian slaughter, and will come apart at the seams.
    • The Kurds in the north of Iraq will declare their independence. Turkish and Iranian Kurds will try to secede and join the new Kurdistan. Turkey will attack the Kurds to prevent this.
    • The Sunni Triangle will descend into utter lawlessness, making Somalia seem like Disney Land. Either al Qaeda or some other Sunni group will rise from the ashes and set to work plotting international terror attacks, much like Osama bin Laden did in the 1990s in Afghanistan.
    • The Shiite areas of Iraq will assert their independence, but will end up as puppets of the Iranian mullahs. Grand Ayatollah Sistani will be assassinated by Iranian-backed thugs, lest he challenge the Iranian mullahs for authority.
  • The western world’s media will blame President Bush and the Republicans for “angering” muslims and “creating” the problem of islamic totalitarianism. The media will ignore twin truths: that western liberalism and political “realists” are to blame for allowing the long-festering cancer of islamism to metastasize after decades of incubation; and that President Bush was actually the first leader to see the danger and try to stop it. Leftist politicians will share the media’s delusional worldview.
  • Military re-enlistments will begin a long decline, and senior officers and NCOs will begin retiring in droves.
2008 will see the following:
  • A Democrat will be elected President, proving that the American public still has its collective head in the sand.
  • Thanks to weak-kneed Republican leaders afraid to express conservative principles and policies, Democrats will solidify their hold on Congress and Republicans will return to their comfortable status as the minority party. GOP leaders will be happy because they will again be invited to all of the popular cocktail parties organized by leftist socialites inside the Beltway.
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  • Democrats will gut the American military.
    • Defense spending will drop below maintenance levels.
    • Research and development will grind to a halt.
    • Military re-enlistments will plummet.
    • Recruiting will wither.
  • American foreign policy and defense strategy will revert to empty posturing and wishful thinking as perfected by Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. The all-volunteer military will go back to being a hollowed-out and demoralized institution, and will be misused for UN peacekeeping missions in places where America has no compelling national interest.
  • Once the threat of a Republican President appointing conservative judges evaporates, Supreme Court Justices Ginsburg and Stevens will announce their retirements. Their replacements will be young, doctrinaire leftists who will cement the Supreme Court’s suicidal leftward drift for another generation.
Before 2020, we’ll see the following events:
  • “Moderate” regimes in the islamic world will collapse from within. Islamists of both Sunni and Shiite varieties will fill the vaccuum. Formerly “moderate” rank-and-file muslims will swing toward radicalism en masse.
  • Iran will go nuclear. In response, Saudi Arabia and Egypt will start nuclear weapons drives of their own.
  • Israel will pre-emptively attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, electrical power grid, and command & control infrastructure to prevent a nuclear strike on Israel.
  • The Middle East will immediately explode into regional warfare.

  • Newly-confident islamists will successfully attack at least one major civilian target on American soil, whether by using a nuke, a dirty bomb, or a biological/chemical agent.
  • American military enlistments will skyrocket.
  • Muslim immigration to America will drop to zero. Non-citizen muslims will be deported.
  • American muslims will be interned like Japanese Americans were in WWII.
  • The media will again blame President Bush and Republicans for “angering” muslims, but this time the American public will no longer swallow the lie.
  • Democrats will rely on their only solution to every problem: negotiation. Predictably, it will only encourage the enemy, by revealing the spinelessness of America’s Democratic leadership. Attacks will increase in number and severity.
  • Islamic suicide bombers will hit several soft targets across America like malls, stadiums, movie theatres, and schools.
  • The American public will finally realize that islam is bent on our destruction. Americans will toss Democrats and liberal Republicans from office.
  • A very muscular and militant conservative American leadership will rebuild the military, drastically increasing its size and lethality.
  • America will either suspend all financial aid to the UN, or will withdraw from the UN completely.
  • Congress will reinstate the draft. The Army and Marine Corps will expand to incredible size. Within two years, the draftees will be as lethal as the career professionals among our warrior class.
  • America (with possible help from Australia, The United Kingdom, and India) will finally go to all-out declared war against islam (in its radicalized forms) and all regimes based on politicized islam and/or sharia law.
  • America and the West will remind the watching world what utter devastation looks like. The Flattened Cities Club (remember Hamburg, Dresden, Berlin, Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki?) will welcome new members like Tehran, Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo, Islamabad, Riyadh, Mecca, and Medina.
  • The western world will not bother to rebuild the destroyed societies it leaves behind, lest the inhabitants there forget that islam has been utterly defeated and discredited. Instead, we will make no bones about our need for oil. We will rebuild only the oil extraction and export infrastructure, and protect it to ensure our own stability and safety. The rest of the erstwhile muslim world will be left in its humbled and humiliated state as punishment.
  • The politicized and totalitarian religion of islam as we now know it will cease to be a major influence on world events.
After 2020:

We will have a few short years of peace until the next popular and poisonous ideology begins to grow. Wash, rinse, repeat.
Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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