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CENTCOM’s news problem

It’s been almost a week since I suggested simple solutions to CENTCOM’s difficulties in spreading good news from Iraq and Afghanistan. CENTCOM has seen my post, but as far as I can tell they’ve done nothing. The solutions I suggested are free and easy to implement. CENTCOM has three people dedicated full time to getting out the news online. I’m no tech geek, and it only took me one hour to tweak my site in the way I recommended to them. It’s taken CENTCOM 295 hours and counting.
What’s the hold up, CENTCOM? You don’t have to get General Abizaid’s permission to change the way your news feeds work, nor do you need his permission to e-mail Yahoo News and Google News with a request to include your feeds in their search engine results. I was once a junior officer myself, and I know a top-heavy staff structure can stifle your initiative … but only if you let it. Ask forgiveness, not permission. I identified your problem and gave you a free and simple solution. By failing to take action you are derelict in your duties.
You are fighting a war in the news media, where enemy propaganda has already severely eroded public support for our military’s efforts. Without public support, our government will pull our troops out of Iraq before we achieve victory. For the public to support the war, they must hear the truth about our successes. Your mission is to get the truth out. You are failing to accomplish your mission.

UPDATE: BizzyBlog’s Tom Blumer is still waiting for a response from Google News.