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Voting for Democrats: even if it feels good, don’t do it

Many of you Ohio conservatives are fed up with the Republican Party at every level, and you’re prepared to sit out the election or even vote for Democrats. I know you mean well and you’re right to be angry. You have reached such heights of frustration that you want to “throw all the bums out” as a way to spank the GOP … and doing it will sure feel good.
But it’s incredibly unwise.
When a football team has problem players who disrupt the team’s efforts, only a foolish coach would fire the whole team just before the opening kickoff. The wise coach plays the game as well as he can, and only after the last second ticks down does he start shopping for replacements.
A wise woman sent an e-mail to Tom Blumer, one of my colleagues in the S.O.B. Alliance. She explains why we all need to vote for Republicans again, no matter how galling it might be. Don’t leave this page until you’ve read her message.
If afterward your feelings still compel you to disregard cold reason and you choose to punish all Republicans this Tuesday … well, there’s nothing more I can say that will persuade you.
But rest assured that if the Democrats take over the Congress, when the next massive attack comes I will place the blame loudly and squarely on your shoulders. I expect liberals to be childish and vote with their feelings despite all inconvenient facts.
You, on the other hand, know better.