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Sherrod Brown to troops: you don’t know what you’re talking about

When it comes to disdain for our troops, Sherrod Brown stands with John Kerry:

Rep. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat leading in late polls in his bid to unseat Republican Sen. Mike DeWine, said Republicans are merely trying to change the subject. “The people who should apologize are George Bush and Mike DeWine for sending our troops into battle without body armor and without examining the cooked intelligence,” he said.

So according to Brown, this wasn’t an insult to our troops:

That’s right, folks. In Sherrod Brown World, it doesn’t matter what the troops fighting in Iraq heard. Those dolts misinterpreted an obvious joke about their Commander-in-Chief and thought it was an insult directed at them. Any idiot would have understood. They’re either too dumb to get the joke, or they’re just acting like eeeeevil Republicans when they take John Kerry at his word.
Sherrod Brown knows darn well that Kerry’s insult revealed yet again his inherent disdain for the U.S. military. Brown shares that attitude, and today’s quote demonstrates the point. This hair-on-fire pacifist lefty wants to have a bigger say in American national security and foreign policy. Do Ohio voters really want a small man like this representing them in the U.S. Senate?
Contribute to Mike DeWine and keep Sherrod Brown away from the reins of power.
Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt