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Roy Blunt is part of the problem

Representative Roy Blunt (R – MO) wants to be the next Minority Whip, but his responses to questions from the conservative GOP base prove that he’s not the man for the job (the audio’s posted here). He’s been tainted by excessive spending for too long to credibly claim to be a fiscal conservative. He’s refused to lead as a conservative while he’s been the Majority Whip, so he doesn’t deserve a chance to help cause a second electoral train wreck in 2008.
Keep the pressure on the House Republicans by picking the best questions with which the media can grill the candidates for leadership positions. The Republican National Committee just demonstrated its “to hell with conservatives” attitude by making Senator Mel Martinez its new chairman (*groan*), and unless we speak up now the Republicans in the House will choose similar leaders. Unless you want a repeat of this election in 2008, help us pressure the GOP to get back to conservatism.

Update: A pithy assessment of Martinez as GOP Chairman.