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The Foley double standard: Strickland gets a free pass

Dave at NixGuy highlights the double standard applied to Ted Strickland when it comes to politicians and pedophiles:

The Foley standard, as we now know, is that when someone brings you allegations of sexual impropriety, you must immediately launch an investigation, AND call for full public disclosure of everything that is known. This is true if you are merely an associate of the person in question, much less the guys employer.
Anyone who fails to take these steps on the first hint of a sexual impropriety must resign their positions.

How does Strickland measure up against this standard? The actual hiring of a guy with an actual conviction, notified of it, handed the police reports. What does Strickland do?
No public disclosure, no firing, keeps the guy after the election, and keeps him close enough for an after campaign reward trip to Italy.

This is exactly the issue, yet the dinosaur media keeps talking about the controversy as if it’s all about sex (and therefore, &#225 la Bill Clinton, it doesn’t matter). Barring any crippling lawsuits (ha!) we in the SOB Alliance will keep trying to put the focus where it belongs: on Ted Strickland’s poor judgment in hiring, and on the likely statewide policy implications of a Strickland Administration’s refusal to take pedophilia seriously.

Now the Democrats have two choices here. They can take a step back, look at the Foley standard, look at Strickland, and honestly admit that maybe they were a little harsh on Pryce, Boehner and the rest.
Or, they can throw Strickland under the bus.

You can have Strickland, or you can have the Foley standard. You can’t have both.

Exactly right.
Kirsten Powers, a Democrat who’s intellectually honest, gets it too (scroll down). We’ll see how many other Dems take her approach. What say you, Buckeye State Blog?
Read Dave’s whole post. It’s worth your consideration.